INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FORUM: Odessa’s new ‘5T’ municipal investment strategy to be officially unveiled in July

Presentation of the ‘Odessa 5T’ municipal investment strategy, 1 July, ‘Sady Pobedy’ Concert Hall, Odessa

Black Sea port city Odessa is one of the key focuses of international investor interest in Ukraine. The city will unveil its new ‘5T’ investment strategy on 1 July within the framework of the ‘Odessa 5T Summer Business Days’ event.

‘Odessa 5T’ is the city’s new investment brand bringing together the key investment opportunities Odessa has to offer. The five ‘T’s are transport, trade, technologies, tourism and trust.

The event is organized by the Odessa Development Fund, the Odessa Tourism Association, and the Department of Economic Development of the Odessa City Council, with additional support of Tourism and Resort Department of Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.

A range of national chambers of commerce and diplomatic representatives will attend the launch of the ‘Odessa 5T’ initiative. They are expected to be joined by leaders of the Odessa business community and international investors.

The ‘Odessa 5T’ programme is designed to lay the foundations for business development and investment attraction by creating simplified procedures for business administration and developing a ‘single window’ approach to regulation.

“There was a time when businessmen needed to knock on the door of power-holding offices for permits and support. As the relevant state authorities, we want to reach out to the Odessa business community and foreign investors. The city is ready to help create an attractive business environment. We are ready to help and want to make the business climate internationally competitive,” explains Deputy Odessa Mayor Pavel Vugelman.  

The ‘Odessa 5T Summer Business Days’ event will see the presentation of a range of municipal investment projects including those inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest, which Ukraine is scheduled to host in 2017. Odessa is one of a number of Ukrainian cities bidding to host the song contest.

The possibility of hosting Eurovision 2017 adds extra impetus to efforts to improve municipal infrastructure and create modern concert and exhibition facilities along with expanded accommodation for visitors. Hosting Eurovision would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Odessa to international audiences and demonstrate the city’s famous hospitality.

The presentation of the ‘Odessa T5’ initiative promises to be a major gathering of the regional business and investment communities and a unique platform for B2B dialogue. The ‘Odessa T5 Summer Business Days’ event will be opened by Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov. Speakers will include representatives from a range of sectors including transportation, trade, tourism, banking, and technology.

For the full event schedule please see:

Odessa 5T Summer Business Days: Programme in Brief
30 June: Welcome Reception (M1, Prosecco Bar terrace, beginning at 19:00)
1 July: ‘Odessa 5T’ Presentation (‘Sady Pobedy’ Concert Hall, 10:00 – 18:00)
1 July: Gala Dinner (Columbus restaurant, beginning at 20:00. Special guest of the evening: Ukrainian electro-folk group ONUKA).

Reference of the Business Ukraine magazine

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