ECDspace (educational space)

The launch of the Center for Early Childhood Development. Ensuring quality alternative care, follow-up and post-care preparation.

Art-project «Magical Pages»

Installation of benches, which done in the form of an open book with an illustration of the best children’s pieces.

City of Equal Opportunities

The similar solution was implemented in the framework of the Projects of Participation Budget of the city for 2017 year.

Project MoreInfo – in Odessa

The project foresees install a nameplates with QR-codes beside with monuments, historical and architectural objects.

Project of Eco Parking («green lawn»)

The creation of pilot area of 800 sq.m a green parking, as a compromise between greening of the city and new parking places.

Socio-ecological project «Eco-Dog»

Project for improving the culture of responsibility on cleaning after pets in public areas. Installation of special complexes.

LinguaPhone Class (compensating)

The organization and the filling by equipments the linguaphone classes in preschools of compensating type.

Energy efficient lighting in schools

Increasing the level of illumination and energy efficiency of indoor lighting systems in the schools of Odessa city.