Vision & Mission

NGO Odessa Development Fund works to improve the welfare and living standards of the population of the Odessa, socio-economic growth of the city and citizens, high quality sustainable rates of economic growth of the city, strengthening the competitive position of Odessa in Ukraine and in the world.

Odessa Development Fund, in its activity, cooperates with the Odessa City Council, the various donors and other non-governmental organizations, directly with the citizens of Odessa to achieve the desired mission.

NGO Odessa Development Fund was created in 2003 under the name «Union of Entrepreneurs of Odessa economic region». At the end of 2015 it was decided to reorganization – amend the Articles of Association, changing the name, status of the organization and of its main activities.

Effective implementation of the set goals, as well as establishing a dialogue of municipal authorities with the public, is attained under signed the Memorandum of cooperation and collaboration between the Odessa Development Fund and the Odessa City Council.

Main Activities

entrepreneurship sphere


social activity sphere


interaction with public authorities

  • Assistance to formation of infrastructure for sustainable development of the existing industry and to stimulation the construction of new enterprises;
  • Assistance in the organization of business environment, favorable to the development of the productive forces of the city of Odessa;
  • Implementation of modern monitoring system of the development processes in Odessa city;
  • Creation of unified information space for investors, donors, international financial institutions in the city of Odessa, in Ukraine, overseas;
  • The organization and the coordination of the participants for the implementation of programs and projects, aimed at solving urgent social and economic problems of local development.
  • Assistance to distribution of international practices and technologies of development of territories into the city of Odessa;
  • Assistance to efficient use of resources (natural, financial, human), to development of infrastructure of economic management and vital functions, to conservation and augmentation of natural and cultural heritage;
  • The organization of information exchange between business entities, public associations and authorities at all levels;
  • Giving organizational, financial, legal, consulting, advisory, expert assistance to public organizations, NGO, regarding of writing projects and getting finance from international and Ukrainian foundations;
  • Assistance into development and implementation of energy efficient technologies and energy conservation technologies, renewable energy sources, to improve the welfare and quality of life of the population of the city of Odessa.
  • Developing and coordinating of development projects with regional and local public authorities, specialized institutions, in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, and overseas;
  • Establishment of contacts and develop cooperation with the Ukrainian official agencies in abroad, international organizations and government circles of foreign countries, interested in the development and strengthening of international economic relations and attracting investments in the economy of the city of Odessa;
  • Support of the development and implementation of municipal target programs to stimulate investment and development of territories;
  • Assistance to conduct of socio-economic reforms on the regional and local level;
  • Creation of incentives for the introduction of tools of strategic planning, program-target budgeting and budgeting, oriented on result, new mechanisms of administrative regulation and control, mutual relations with local authorities, development of mechanisms of the public-private partnership;
  • Support of local strategic initiatives aimed at socio-economic development of the city of Odessa, creating incentives for the implementation of projects of the development of social and economic infrastructure and assistance to regional and local authorities in the implementation of such projects;
  • Organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, public hearings, press conferences and other public events and activities;
  • Participation in carrying out and implementation of both public and own programs, projects;
  • Cooperation with various public and other institutions, organizations and enterprises;
  • Organization of journalistic and publishing activities for the implementation of the statutory purposes, as well as assistance to the creation and the dissemination of printed, audio and video products in matters that associated with objectives of the ODF.