Energy efficient lighting in school gyms of Odessa city

Pilot project on the replacement of lighting in gyms of schools №1 and №120 on energy efficiency.

Under the initiatives of the Odessa Development Fund together with The Odessa Municipal Energy Agency (ОМЕА) have been selected secondary schools №1 and №120 in Odessa for participation in the pilot project «Energy efficient lighting in schools of Odessa».

Within the framework of Project were replaced of the lighting system in the school gyms of these two schools on the energy-efficient lighting. Implementation of the project has been funded by a grant (non-reimbursable financial assistance). Implementation of the project has been funded by a grant (non-reimbursable financial assistance) of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Target of grant – purchasing of modern light-emitting-diode (LED) lamps.

So 31st March 2016, in a secondary school №1 was ceremonial opening a renewed school gym with complete replacement of old lighting systems on modern light-emitting-diode (LED) lamps. The old lighting system, which was installed in the gym, has been completely both morally and physically worn out: mercury lamps are quite unsafe for usage in schools, especially in the gym, as they can be easily damaged by ball; mercury lamps do not provide adequate level and quality of illumination, that have negative influence on sight of learners. Besides, considerable part of the lamps has not worked, because they are located at a height of 6.4 meters, which hampers their timely replacement. The updated illumination system has allowed to lower number of mercury lamps (40 units) up to 20 LED lamps, that makes it much easier their servicing (due an elongate lifetime of LED lamps). At the same time, energy consumption has been reduced by 1500 watt-hour, and illumination intensity has grown by more than three times – from 80 lux to 250 lux. In front of beginning work, calculation and visualization were performed by using specialized software DIALux 4.12. This has allowed to outline the technical requirements and location of lamps for achieving better ergonomic and economic parameters.

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