Project of Eco Parking («green lawn»)

The creation of pilot area of 800 sq.m a green parking, as a compromise between greening of the city and new parking places.

Eco Parking is a special lawn area for car parking, that protected against external influences via lawn grid, which is mounted on the prepared base and fill it by fertile soil and seeding by grass. Stiffening rib of grids and system of locks, located at the edges grids, ensure secure connections between modules and also help to effectively distribute the load between adjacent modules and keep the integrity of grass.

As a technological solution for the project is selected TTE® technology that provides an aesthetic appearance of ecological parking, particularly in combination with paving stones which are placed directly in the cell of the lattice, and thus strengthens places of intensive use and keeps the water permeability (according to the practical test: on the area of 6 sq.m in one minute seeps into the ground 70 liters of water). In addition, such a lattice can serve as pointers of direction, labeling of parking spaces, numbering of parking spaces, etc. TTE® elements are made from a mixture of recycled plastics which reduces the CO2 emission.

This project is being implemented to ensure as example for local government for further installation of next green car parks within the city. It will disseminate information about the positive aspects of such a project, also the project will be described in the information brochures of the Odessa City Council, which will be presented to potential investors. To set green ecoparking near the shopping and business centers in Odessa, is planned to submit to the Odessa City Council appropriate project for implementing the privileges in the payment of the rent fees for land or the parking fees in case of creation of territories of parking in the format of ecoparking.

The total budget of the pilot project (800 sq.m) – 92,137.00 USD;
Required Financial Resources – 48,457.00 USD

Sources of Financing – grant funding, other forms of irreversible and uncompensated financing, funds of private investors, other.

Additional information upon request.

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