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The similar solution was implemented in the framework of the Projects of Participation Budget of the city for 2017 year.

Project-Solution for increasing Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities.
Main Purpose – Ensure Barrier-Free Environment.

Project of increasing Quality of Life of Persons with Disabilities, via special constructions and mechanisms that capable of replacing the stairs or ensure easy movement along it.

Background of Problem

Accessibility of the environment for reduced mobility persons is one crucial socio-economic issues that affects on the rights and needs of citizens. Necessity of solving this issue stems both from the requirements of national legislation and international obligations of the Ukraine. Restriction individual mobility of persons with limited mobility (people with disabilities) with the greatest possible degree of their independence, includes first of all creating availability of urban of architectural environment without obstructed, in particular pedestrian subways.


The solution to this challenges, increasing quality of life of persons with disabilities, is provided by special constructions that capable of replacing the stairs. More relieved for movement, and also in places where not technically possible to install ramps with required level of tilt and where space is limited, for persons with disabilities ensures a variety of lifts and platforms. Such platforms with lifts are able to provide movement along an inclined staircase route, including with the presence of interim staircase, with minimum consumption usable space. An additional advantage of these platforms is availability to move without an accompanying person. Such mechanisms are lightweight and easy to use that allow a person with disabilities move easily and not feel slighted.

Location of Realization – 4 zones in 2 locations (8 Up-Down). First location is three zones are mutually supportive with the possibility of the implementation of each separate; second is completely independent from the implementation of others.

Total Budget of Project – 86,484.00 USD;
Starting (for realization one zone, each zone) – 22,121.00 USD

Sources of Financing – grant funding, other forms of irreversible and uncompensated financing, funds of private investors, other.

Additional information upon request.

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