Odessa Street Art Festival 2016

30th July 2016, within the framework of Odessa Street Art Festival were held master classes in street art, pottery, sculpting, painting and decoupage.
Activity of children was supported with help of the contests and draws of prize, entertainment, ice cream, music, swing and outdoor trampoline. However, special attention was given to street art canvas as an one of the walls of park of the Heroic Defense of Odessa. So, one of the walls (800 meters in length and more than 2 meters in height) of park of the Heroic Defense of Odessa (6th station of Velykogo Fontana) has become a like huge coloring book. Each interested participant was able to make his mark in the creation of street art object, alone or with the support of painters. For this purpose has been prepared 400 liters of paint of 40 colors, and the wall has been divided into special sectors in different shapes and sizes. Children with enthusiasm have helped painters to decorate the building blocks of wall (in the framework of the concept for the preparation of a common canvas) and leave colorful imprints of their hands at the allocated art-sectors of white colors. It is worth noting that the paint was on a water basis and meet to the necessary requirements that do not have any negative impact and easily washed off by water from hands.
And now the views of Odessa, as well as pictures-gifts from guests, may delight of residents and guests of our city. Work on the decoration of the wall continue by painters of Studio Peach.

Odessa Street Art Festival was organized by the NGO Odessa Development Fund in cooperation with NGO Odessa Miracle with the support of Odesa City Councill.

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